Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training®

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Approved by Dr. Harald Blomberg, the Developer of RMT

Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training®

Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training®」(BRMT)is founded and developed by Dr. Harald Blomberg. It is a motor training program of drug-free approach having been adopted in Europe for almost 30 years.

BRMT is based on the rhythmic movements that infants spontaneously dobefore they rise and walk, which are necessary to integrate primitive reflexes, establish life-long movement patterns, grow the brain, and develop head control and muscle tone. Skipping these important stages may impede motor development so that the child has problems with coordination, balance and stability. In adulthood, it causes many problems both physically and mentally.

Dr. Harald Blomberg worked in child psychiatry since 1971. In 1985, he met Kerstin Linde, a self-taught body therapist who worked with rhythmic movements inspired by the movement infants do before they learn to walk. Dr. Harald Blomberg followed her work for a few years and then used the method in his work as a psychiatrist. He has called the method rhythmic movement training. In late 90s, he began a more systematic teaching of rhythmic movement training, which he supplemented by special exercises to integrate infant reflexes. Based on more than 20 years of clinical experience, medical knowledge and a number of scientific studies, researches and theories, Dr. Harald Blomberg continuously incorporates new elements into his method which evolves into the present 「Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training® (BRMT)」. At present, there are a number of BRMT training courses of different aspects. Dr. Harald Blomberg continuously works hard in enhancing the course content taking into account the changing environment factors, so that this method could meet the needs of the society under the current living environment.

The rhythmic exercises of BRMT stimulate the ability of the brain and the nervous system to renew itself and create new nerve connections. This helps the child to develop, mature or heal physically, emotionally and mentally. When we are born, all parts of the brain have been set up but are not yet working properly. In order for all the parts of the brain to function as a unit, they must be developed and linked up to each other. The rhythmic infant movements are crucial for laying the foundation for the development of the child’s motor skills, emotion, speech, vision and brain functions. BRMT could facilitate the nerve connection of all parts of the brain and in turn could effectively improve different areas such as muscle tone, concentration and attention, speech, hyperactivity, autistic symptoms, reading and comprehension, vision as well as emotion problems.

BRMT has been widely used in countries like Sweden, China (also includes Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), England, German, Spain, France, the United States, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Singapore, Australia, Finland, Norway and Malaysia. In Spain, it has also become especially appreciated among optometrists as the training effectively improves vision problems. BRMT has been included in their training at the University of Madrid.

The movements used in the training are active or passive rhythmic whole body movements. Whether done actively or passively these movements, are suitable for every child and adult. The exercises may sometimes seem to have a magical effect within a short time which however does not mean that their manner of action is magic. Their goal is to draw out and maximize the potential of the child.


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Vision & Mission


Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training® is based on the understanding that the spontaneous rhythmic movements that infants normally make are necessary for developing our motor, emotional and mental abilities.



Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training® is furthermore based on the observation that the physical, emotional and mental development of children is obstructed by different kind of traumas including environmental stress factors of the modern world such as toxic chemicals, harmful electromagnetic fields and cordless technology, vaccinations and unhealthy food, lacking nutrients.



Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training® is committed to the principle that "good health is the natural condition of all individuals", provided we live in a healthy environment and eat a nutritious and healthy diet.



Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training® is part of the global transition movement and its goal is to assist and support individuals who strive to improve their physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual wellbeing and assist their transition to a generative and sustainable health.




We do so by:

  1. Teaching Rhythmic Movement Training inspired by spontaneous infant and developed by Harald Blomberg to individuals and groups.
  2. Informing about how environmental stress factors affect motor development and emotional and mental abilities.
  3. Informing about the importance of a healthy and nutritious diet.
  4. Encouraging self-responsibility.