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You are looking for ways to help children with challenges to make them feel well, function well and stop taking medicines? The therapies performed on your child have your expected improvements?

"Rhythmic Movement Method" is a revolutionary approach founded by Dr. Harald Blomberg M.D. from Sweden. The approach focuses on improving the health condition of child and adult and their learning and emotional performances with the help of two essential elements: Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training® (BRMT) and the consideration of environmental factors.

"Rhythmic Movement Training" is founded and developed by Dr. Harald Blomberg. It is a motor training program of drug-free approach having been adopted in Europe for almost 30 years. It is based on the rhythmic movements that infants spontaneously dobefore they rise and walk, which are necessary to integrate primitive reflexes, establish life-long movement patterns, grow the brain, and develop head control and muscle tone. Rhythmic movements can also improve the condition of pain, ADHD, autism, dyslexia, mental illness, Parkinson's disease, dementia, cerebral palsy, etc.

Based on more than 20 years of clinical experience, medical knowledge and a number of scientific studies, researches and theories, Dr. Harald Blomberg continuously incorporates new elements into his method which evolves into the present "Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training® (BRMT)". At present, there are a number of BRMT training courses of different aspects. Dr. Harald Blomberg continuously works hard in enhancing the course content taking into account the changing environment factors, so that this method could meet the needs of the society under the current living environment.



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Voices from Dr. Harald Blomberg

  • More and more frequently it happens that children with ADHD, learning difficulties and motor problem do not make the swift progress with rhythmic movement training that I used to see when I first started to work with this method. Therefore I have taken as my task to investigate the causes of children’s rapidly declining health and how it can be dealt with when working with rhythmic movement training. Nowadays the immune system of all children is under severe stress due to radiation from microwaves, heavy metals, food additives and other chemicals, unhealthy food and lacking nutrients and these are the significant causes of the rapidly declining state of health among children nowadays and needs to be dealt with in order to make rhythmic movements effective. Consequently rhythmic movement training should not only focus on movements and reflex integration but needs to take more account of environmental factors in order to be really helpful in the long run.

    Based on years of clinical experience, medical knowledge and a number of scientific studies, researches and theories, I continuously incorporates new elements into my method which evolves into the present "Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training®(BRMT)"。In order to allow the public an opportunity to learn the theories and practice according to what I teach and to make sure that the methods taught are effective and founded on the theories I have developed and a correct practical application of them, I will only approve those courses taught by BRMT instructors accredited by me. I will not recognized those courses by other RMT organisations.

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