You are looking for ways to help children with challenges to make them feel well, function well and stop taking medicines? The therapies performed on your child have your expected improvements?

Pic012Here you can discover a method called Rhythmic Movement Training, which is a motor training programme based on the rhythmic movements that infants spontaneously do. This method was developed by Harald Blomberg M.D., who is a psychiatrist in Sweden with more than twenty years experience of helping children and adults with problems that include motor problems, attention deficit problems, learning disability and autism, and is also the founder of Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training® (also called Blomberg RMT or BRMT) . He has based his program on rhythmic exercises that he learnt in 1985 from a Swedish body therapist, Kerstin Linde. These movements are of fundamental importance for the motor, emotional and intellectual development of the child.

Rhythmic Movement Training is a drug-free approach to learning, emotional and behavioral challenges that use movements that infants make which are necessary to integrate primitive reflexes, establish life-long movement patterns, grow the brain, and develop head control and muscle tone. Experience shows that Rhythmic Movement Training is effective in the improvement of motor abilities and motor control such as coordination, muscle tone and integration of primitive reflexes. Additionally many people have noticed improvement in different areas such as speech, vision and difficulties with attention, hyperactivity, reading and writing. This improvement can be explained by the stimulation and linking up of different parts of the brain caused by the rhythmic exercises. The exercises may sometimes seem to have a magical effect within a short time which however does not mean that their manner of action is magic. Their goal is to draw out and maximize the potential of the child. Based on more than 20 years of clinical experience, medical knowledge and a number of scientific studies, researches and theories, Dr. Harald Blomberg continuously incorporates new elements into his method which evolves into the present Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training. At present, there are eight Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training courses of different aspects.

Pic015Children nowadays have much more problems than they used to have 10 or 20 years ago. There have been a dramatic increase of attention problems, autism, emotional problems and learning problems. We will also look at how the environment affects children's health, e.g. irradiation from microwaves, heavy metals, food additives, etc. and how the immune system of children nowadays is under severe stress causing food intolerance in many children. Stress from mobile phones and cordless networks and from food intolerance is a significant cause of the rapidly declining state of health among children nowadays and needs to be dealt with in order to make Rhythmic Movement Training effective. Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training addresses how environmental stress factors affect motor development and emotional and mental abilities and is committed to the principle that good health is the natural condition of all individuals, provided we live in a healthy environment and eat a nutritious and healthy diet.

You will also find a number of Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training courses with Dr. Harald Blomberg and international Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training instructors accredited by Dr. Harald Blomberg about various topics in conjunction with Rhythmic Movement Training and rhythmic movements, such as primitive reflexes in ADHD, emotions, Dyslexia and reading and writing abilities, diet in autism and ADD, Rhythmic Movement Training in kindergarten, Rhythmic Movement Training for physiotherapists and massage therapists dreams, etc.

You will be able to acquire a lot of valuable information about the development of your child from this website and experiencing Rhythmic Movement Training through our workshops or training courses.


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